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At Brokerage Communications, we recognize the challenges that businesses face in today’s global economy, and the need for reliable, cost effective voice, data and IP transport solutions. To address those challenges, we have created a world-class global network and industry-leading portfolio of international voice solutions to help you grow your business around the world.

We are an international company with a robust portfolio of services to address wholesale customers' resale and infrastructure build needs, backed by years of experience and a best in class customer support team.

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Brokerage Communications has brought together experienced leaders in the telecom and financial industries to create a truly world class organization. By combining their experiences at some of the world’s best organizations, along with relationships maintained over dozens of years, and the financial acumen which only comes from real-world experience, our team is uniquely positioned to provide the leadership and drive to not only make Brokerage Communications your trusted partner, but one that will be with you for the long haul.


Brokerage Communications’ IP-based network is designed for carrier grade quality and performance with full redundancies at both the software and hardware level, as well as robust routing options to maximize quality of service. Our VoIP network can interface with SS7, ISDN, DTMF and VoIP protocols. We also utilizes SIP, H.323 and MCGP protocols to manage the soft switches and application layer of the network.
Our extensive international relationships, when combined with our network redundancy, and expert technical and routing teams, allows Brokerage Communications to deliver high quality and reliable voice termination around the globe.

Our International Termination Service Includes:

  • Over 300+ carrier interconnects
  • Scalable capacity to meet customer needs
  • Redundancy in network for international traffic
  • Experienced support staff
  • Ability to support multiple voice termination products based on customer requirements
  • Differentiated services with a focus on quality


Brokerage Communications provides competitive, affordable, high quality voice termination around the world, with three service plans available to best meet your company’s needs:

Platinum (CLI) Voice

Designed for businesses whose retail customers demand the highest possible quality and enhanced features such as CLI presentation.

Premium Voice

For businesses whose retail customers require high quality at competitive market rates.

Standard Voice

Geared toward wholesale businesses that require stable connection at the absolute lowest price.


Brokerage Communications proudly partners with ApiConnect SIA to provide world class international voice termination services and support, as well as financing and consulting services for infrastructure projects.

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